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Having fun in the controlled and legal use of a helicopter with a professional pilot who gives me the perfect altitude and angle to satisfy the client's needs - with the highest resolution files for quality enlargements and reproduction.


Done with selective lighting techniques to achieve accurate exposure of all areas, attention to detail and showing a bright spacious view is of importance when using a wide angle lens without distortion and perspective exaggeration.


Documentation of a construction project provides the contractor and client of an accurate and timely account of progress from start to finish.


Providing clients images that reflect the best architecture features in their workplace and production environment.


Showing the facilities and design features that illustrate the layout, utilization and efficiency of space for the providing of healthcare services.


Presenting features of a home satisfying the architect, builder, remodeler, real estate agent and buyer

Interior Design

Exhibiting the artistry and flair in the use of fabric, color, lighting, furniture and accessories.

Landscape Architecture

Utilizing the systematic documentation of site planning and final outcomes as envisioned by the landscape architect of varying scales of design for public and private areas.

Office Interiors

Illustrating a working environment that is designed for comfort and productivity - conducive for employees and management, visitors and clients.


The panorama offers the client and viewer the whole picture beyond a wide angle lens and fisheye distortion.


A sacred space is designed to connect mind and spirit - with inspiration from God.


Getaways and retreats for business and pleasure.


Capturing the interior design elements that contribute to an atmosphere of distinctive and flavorful features that whet the appetite of visual pleasures.


Areas designed for the shopper, employees and suppliers.


A learning environment designed with beauty, inspiration, aesthetics, comfort and safety in mind for students, faculty and staff.


Places designed to get a workout, get sweaty, get wet, or just have plain fun.


No place like home - in America's most livable city.

Chautauqua Institution

Chautauqua offers its visitors and residents the beauty and charm of architecture, education, nature, relaxation and entertainment in America's most American town.


The backbone of American economy, facilities designed for productivity, safety and efficiency.